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Busy professionals benefit from flexible live-in childcare.

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Medical Mums benefit from au pair hosting


Your life is not 9-5

We help many Medical professionals with childcare. We totally understand that the dynamics of working in the medical profession do not always allow for parents to finish on time. Your Au Pair can help and you do not need to rush back to collect children from daycare or after-school care. 

Ms. Rose is a dentist and mum of 2 young children:

"Highly recommend. We have had 2 au pairs- both wonderful. The process was made as easy as possible. Hello Aupairs supported us and the au pairs during the whole process. Nicole is a pleasure to deal with and genuinely cares about getting the right people together."

Professional Mums benefit from au pair hosting


Late night deadlines and early meetings

We help many corporate professionals in senior roles and parents running their own business. Sometimes meetings start early or go on late, especially working across different time zones. Your Au Pair can help with the morning routine and you can focus on getting to work early!

Family testimonial from Rachael in Sydney:

"Our au pair has seamlessly integrated into our family within just two months, and the continuous support provided to her has been phenomenal."

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Families that travel for work benefit from au pair hosting


Overnight travel, interstate or overseas including airline personnel

Working in a demanding role often requires travel and this can be stressful for the entire family. With an au pair living in your home, you gain peace of mind knowing that your children are cared for by a trusted individual who becomes an integral part of your family.

Elena works for Qantas:

"Hello Au Pairs are a great agency. We've been able to find wonderful au pairs with their help. They manage the search, placement and ongoing support, and make the whole process very straight froward. Highly recommend!"

Our Families: About
Our Families: About
Expat families benefit from au pair hosting


Missing support from family members

It's a fantastic opportunity to move to Australia to advance your career, however, without family members nearby to assist, getting help with the children can be challenging, especially if you are new to the community. Many European Expats choose the au pair program to bring an extra language into the family.

The Price family say:

"Life changing! Hosting an au pair made all the difference. We both work full time and have no family here to help as we are originally from South Africa. Thank you Nicole!”

Families working from home benefit from au pair hosting


Working from home with a toddler?

Although working from home may seem attractive, your toddler has other ideas! Get your Au Pair to organise outings and activities during the day so that you can get some serious work done from home. You still have the pleasure of being nearby and can join them for lunch if you're lucky!

Eva from Sydney says:

"Hello Au Pairs have excellent service. They took care to find people that suited our needs and worked with us to ensure we found the perfect au pairs for our family. I highly recommend them to anyone!"

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