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Our Au Pairs are warmly invited

Come and meet other Au Pairs!

Our au pair coordinator Janna will introduce you to other Au Pairs and help you make new friends! 

Au Pair Welcome Meeting

Our au pairs are invited through our private Whatsapp group. 

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Friday 10 May - 2 nights
Friday 19 July - 2 nights

Come and meet other Au Pairs!

Learning to Surf is on everyones 'bucket list'. Come with us to Surfcamp Australia! You'll enjoy 2 days packed full of fun, surfing, shared meals and making lots of new friends! Just over 2 hours south of Sydney. 

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Here are some of our tips to prepare for a happy au pair exchange :)

#Caring Host Family

Au pairs really want to be part of the family! Especially during the early days, your au pair would like to be included in all family activities, family meals and events. Your au pair should be invited to watch tv with you sometimes but also be allowed to be in their own room some evenings. In most European countries, having a family meal together is a big thing :). Talk about access to the fridge and pantry like other family members. In short, make her/him feel at home!

#Home & location

Your home is likely to be much bigger than ‘back home’. An au pair should have a nice bedroom with a bed, a wardrobe and maybe a desk. Your au pair should be able to close the door and maybe have a home made ‘do-not-disturb’ sign for the kids. Some au pairs may be lucky and have their own bathroom, however, this is not expected!

Your location should be within easy reach of public transport unless your au pair has access to a car. Our au pairs are placed in urban locations to make it easy for them to meet up with friends in the city or on the beach (Most au pairs love the beach and meet here with friends)


Making friends from all over the world is an important part of the exchange program. We aim to introduce your au pair to other au pairs soon after arrival. At weekends, most au pairs organise to meet up and explore the city together or go to the beach. A great way for your au pair to make Australian friends is to join a local (sports) club or team. 

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#Good communication

Set aside time to communicate with your au pair. During the first couple of weeks, spend time together and use your handbook* as a training manual. Show her your appliances, talk her through the kids’ routines and cook some of your family favourites together to set her/him up for success! After the first few weeks, make time to check in at least once a week over a cuppa!

#Fair schedule and tasks

Your routine week should not require more than 30-35 hours of help. During school holidays or if you have a sick child, your au pair should be flexible to help out more, in exchange for extra time off another week or some extra pocket money. 

Tasks should be fair and balanced, an au pair should not be the only family member to tidy or wash up. If your au pair cooks a meal a couple of nights a week, a parent should clear up after dinner and vice versa. 

#Au Pair Pocket money

Pocket money starts from $250 for up to 30 hours.  Most families pay $300-$350 per week. Our pocket money guidance depends on many factors, not just the hours required but also the level of responsibility in your family. A bonus of $600 is given after 6 months in your family. 

The au pair experience should not be about ‘clock watching’ or hourly rates. This is an exchange program and it should be fair and balanced!

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