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Fed up with juggling? We've got you!

Going back to the office? Working from home? Working long hours or shifts?

Many parents are now considering the Au Pair program for the first time. We specialise in guiding families who are thinking of hosting for the first time. Being new to the program can be quite daunting. WIth our help, you'll have a shortcut to success!

You may be tempted to save money and 'go direct' either on Facebook or online websites where you can communicate with candidates. Some friends may have well intended advice or even horror stories to share.....


With our help, you will avoid the mistakes that first time host families often make. Below are some of services we include, especially for new families.

Mother and Son
First time hosting: About


Enhance Your Family Dynamic

In today's fast-paced world, balancing work, household chores and family time can often feel like an uphill battle. For families seeking a solution to this juggling act, au pair hosting presents a unique and invaluable opportunity. Whether you're a busy professional couple, a single parent, or a large family with diverse needs, the addition of an au pair can revolutionise your daily routine while enriching your family life in countless ways.

For parents pursuing ambitious careers, finding reliable childcare that aligns with their demanding schedules can be a constant source of stress. Au pair hosting offers a flexible childcare solution tailored to the erratic hours and commitments of working professionals. With an au pair living in your home, you gain peace of mind knowing that your children are cared for by a trusted individual who becomes an integral part of your family. Whether it's early morning meetings or late-night deadlines, having an au pair ensures that your children are well-cared for regardless of your work hours.

First time hosting: About
First time hosting: Welcome


The right help at the right time

  • Experienced team, 20+ years of placing 1000s of au pairs

  • Fully screened Au Pair candidates with police clearance, checked references and medical check

  • Detailed telephone consultation, evening consultations available

  • Guidance on the right pocket money 

  • Suggested interview questions

  • Weekly check in on progress during interviewing stage

  • Au Pair invitation rather than work contract

  • Shared handbook to ease communication

  • First week checklist

  • Regular check-in during the first weeks

  • Events for your Au Pair

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