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Your schedule, Your place, Your choice.
Most families simply are not 9-5

We talk to lot of different families with a great variety of schedules! You can create a schedule that works for your family and most Au Pairs are flexible.

Lots of families with school aged kids need help for 2-3 hours in the morning before school and then help again in the afternoon for 2-3 hours. Perfect! Your Au Pair can do this easily. Lots of Au Pairs are also happy to cook dinner a couple of nights, giving you more time with the kids when you get home from work.

Families with younger children may want to combine a couple of days of daycare with a couple of days or one-on-one care at home. 

If you need to work late a couple of nights a week, your au pair can tuck in the kids!

NOTE: Weekly routine should not exceed 35 hours. Au Pairs need to have at least every other weekend FREE to catch up with other au pairs. 

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