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The difference between an Au Pair and a Nanny is your relationship. A Live-in Au Pair is part of the family and a nanny has a job in your family.

Australians often call an Au Pair a nanny…

Both a nanny and an Au Pair can care for your children. The difference is the relationship you have!

A nanny is an employee and is paid a wage or salary. An Au Pair is integrated into family life as a temporary member of the family. The Au Pair has a room in the family home, eats meals with the family and receives weekly pocket money.

Nanny or Au Pair?: About


Cultural exchange is not a job

To protect the au pair program as Cultural Exchange and allow your family to give pocket money rather than pay a wage, please note:

  1. Au Pair is from overseas

  2. Au Pair is live-in

  3. Au Pair is part of the family

  4. Au Pair gets most weekends off

  5. Au Pairs can stay 6-12 months (Visa duration)

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Nanny or Au Pair?: About
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Every Au Pair is a live-in Au Pair


  • Although occasionally there are situations of live-in nannies, most employees do not want to live with their employer. A nanny typically goes home to her own place/family after work. There is a clear distinction between on-duty and off duty.

Au Pair:

  • All Au Pairs live with the host family and are considered part of the family. They are given a private room, enjoy shared meals and family outings means there is often limited distinction between on-duty and off duty.

Nanny or Au Pair?: About


A nanny job compared to Au Pair care


  • Nannies are usually looking for full days, either part time or full time. Finding a nanny to help out before and after school (only) is often very difficult. Most nannies want to be home for dinner (their own home!)

Au Pair:

  • Au Pairs are much more flexible as they live and work in the same place! If you work shifts or have to get up very early for work or travel, your au pair can wake up the kids after you’ve left for work and get your kids ready for school.

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Nanny or Au Pair?: About
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