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Pocket money regardless of the number of children! Most Au Pairs look after children of different age groups.

Au Pair pocket money starts from $300 per week for approx. 30 hours. 

Our Agency Placement Fee depends on the level of experience and skills that you need for the role. Calculated over 6 months, your placement fee for an Essential Au Pair is less than $55 per week. 

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Weekly pocket money for au pairs starts from $300, although most families pay $300-$350 per week. 

Before subsidies, the average cost of child care in Australia is estimated at $117.64 per day. [Source:]

An au pair can help out with children of different ages. Care for a toddler at home and pick up older sibling child from primary school and help with home work and dinner.

Like a helpful big sister (or brother) and a friend forever. 

NOTE: We have SUPERSTAR or EXPERT au pairs to care for children under 2

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NANNY $30-$35 PER HOUR, AU PAIR $300-$400 PER WEEK!

Nannies now often charge $30 per hour or more even if they have limited childcare experience and no formal training. Of course it is great that they are native speakers but our au pairs all speak good English and may even teach your children a few words in a new language. 

Why hire a nanny if you can host an au pair? In certain situations, an experienced nanny is better, for example if you have a very young baby to care for. Also, if specialist training is required, for example caring for a child with special needs, a nanny may be a better choice for your family. 

NOTE: We have SUPERSTAR or EXPERT au pairs to care for children under 2

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We are careful about protecting the Au Pair program as Cultural Exchange. We have done our homework so you don't have to!

A Cultural Exchange program is not a work program, it offers great value for families and an amazing experience for Au Pairs.

To protect the au pair program as Cultural Exchange please note:

  1. Au Pair is from overseas

  2. Au Pair is live-in

  3. Au Pair is part of the family

  4. Au Pair gets most weekends off

  5. Maximum 35 hours per week

  6. Au Pairs can stay 6-12 months (Visa duration)

Your family gets the benefit of hosting a big sister (or brother!) to help out. Your Au Pair enjoys the experience of a lifetime in Australia, living as a local.

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